If you are looking to stop smoking, and quit using cigarettes to destroy your health and you have failed in the past then you are about to learn:

How To Stop Smoking For Good, Regain Control In Your Life, Quit Smoking Cigarettes And Feel Better Than You Have Felt In Years!

Dear Friend,

You are 90% of the way toward achieving your goal

If you have found this site, even just to see what you could gather as information for future reference, you are 90% of the way to becoming the non smoker you obviously want to be. Because if you are reading this, that is all the evidence you need that you have inside of you, somewhere, the acceptance that you do indeed want to quit smoking cigarettes or tobacco products, need to quit smoking cigarettes or tobacco products, and that you should quit smoking cigarettes or tobacco products.

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It is very likely that even though you want, need, or know that you should stop smoking, you are fearful that you will not be able to quit. How do I know this? Because in my Manhattan, NY and Great Neck, Long Island offices, where I see smokers looking to quit, that seems to be their biggest fear.

Well, you do know, if you have been half awake during the span of your years of smoking, that becoming a non smoker is something that people have done on a regular basis. You surely know many people, smokers just like you, who have successfully quit smoking.
So of course this is something that human beings, just like you, can accomplish and have accomplished. In fact, I know exactly what you are feeling and going through because I too have been a smoker, and became a non smoker using the techniques I’m going to tell you about in the paragraphs that follow.

Now, probably the reason you are fearful that you will not be able to quit, is because at one time, you probably tried to quit and failed. Nobody likes to fail… at anything! So when you try something and fail at it, you start to develop a fear to doing that particular behavior. You fear failing again, and then reliving that bad feeling of failure. I know, it doesn’t feel good at all. And we usually go through life avoiding any kind of bad, or uncomfortable feeling.

There have been many things that you failed at in your life. In fact most things we learn through trial and error. If we stopped attempting to succeed because of failure, we would not have grown to where we are today. Think about how a baby learns to walk. It tries to maintain it’s balance, falling a couple of times, until it is able to successfully stand in balance. Then it starts to move forward, wobbling and falling along the way. Until it is able to walk without falling. This is the learning process of trial and error. If you had stopped trying after you fell the first time,
you would have never learned to walk. Where would you be today?

So now you know you have a history of success through trial and error, and you have the ability to continue attempts at success until you do indeed succeed. That is all that is necessary today, for you to become a non-smoker. The commitment to succeed through setbacks.

Now if you have tried a number of different methods of quitting smoking and they have not worked for you, you have successfully learned what has not worked so far for you. They may have worked for other people that you know, but they have not been effective for you so far. The way to go forward now, would be to take what you have learned and add to it so that you can move forward from an elevated platform, this time closer to the peak of your success.

Maybe you tried cutting back. You know, cigarettes have become very expensive these days. Maybe you smoked 1 or 2 packs a day and now that cigarettes have become so expensive, you smoke less. Maybe 1/3 or 1/2 of what you used to smoke. That’s good. You know you are able to make changes in regard to smoking. You know you can cut down. Perhaps you’ve tried cutting down and that didn’t work for you. Maybe when you tried to cut down you found you smoked or wanted to smoke even more. Each response you have to changing your smoking behavior is giving you insight into what smoking means to you and how you process that smoking habit. Everyone is different.

Maybe you tried cold turkey and had limited success. You either weren’t able to quit at all for more than a couple of hours/day. Or at the very first little bit of challenge you folded. Maybe you were able to quit cold turkey for a considerable length of time, perhaps months or years. Great! Now you started smoking again, and you’re having considerable difficulty doing cold turkey again. Something has to change. You did learn something, though. You learned that smoking didn’t solve any of the things you thought would be better if you had a cigarette or two. It just made matters worse. This is a good bit of information, when used properly will propel you to becoming a permanent non-smoker.

Maybe you tried substituting something else for smoking. And if some or all of these things didn’t work for you you leanred what hasn’t worked so far, and you have also reaffirmed your true desire to become a non smoker.

The process that I will show you to use is the process of self-hypnosis. This is the closest thing to working one on one with a skilled trained hypnotist to powerfully make substantial changes in how you look upon yourself and how you respond to cigarettes from now on.

Many people think that you need willpower to stop smoking.I assure you, you already have all the willpower necessary to become a non smoker. In fact willpower is not needed at all from this point on. Will power is the realm of the conscious mind and is very limited in it’s ability to get yu to any goal you have in mind.

Is self-hypnosis magic? Of course not! Let me show you how, by using the power of your perceptions you wil be able to change your mind and your desires.

I recently came back from a trip to a foreign country. This foreign country is similar in many ways to ours, and also extremely different in many ways to ours. Now on the streets of this country they have vending carts similar to the carts I see all over my city.
And they sell all kinds of delicious and convenient foods to eat. 90% of the items on these carts I would choose to eat from when I am hungry. Now, there are some of the items on some of these carts, that are so foreign to me, that I do not recognize them as food, and I might ask about them from the vendors, and if I am in an adventurous mood, I might try a taste of them. Now this is very interesting. Because there are some things on these carts that I do recognize, but not as food. In fact under no circumstance, even in my adventurous state, would I consider indulging in these items as food. Even if I was hungry, I couldn’t imagine that I would break through this resistance to using these items as food.

I’ll tell you what these “food” items were, and maybe you can use your own imagination and see how you would respond. The things that some of these carts were selling, was bugs! Cockroaches, grasshoppers, water bugs, worm to name a few. They deep fry them and spray them with some sauce, or you can order them without sauce.

Now to me, that is not food, I had no desire to eat them, and if I used my imagination enough I might even feel repulsed by the whole thought of eating them. Contrast that to how I feel now as a non-smoker. When I see cigarettes, even thought I am a non smoker, I have no desire whatsoever to have one. They are just inanimate objects to me. I wouldn’t ever consider having one. Not even one single puff of a cigarette. It is just not something that I do, or would consider. Kind of like that same perception I have to eating insects. And probably like the same reaction you have to eating insects. And you can have that same reaction to cigarettes too, when you use hypnosis with the right hypnotist, or self-hypnosis done the right way.

So now you know you have the ability to create the perceptions that work for you. You see, there are things in your life that you wouldn’t use the same way that other human beings use them. In fact yu can probably find things in your own culture that fit this category as well.

So now lets get on with the process of becoming a non-smoker.