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There are what seems like a number of ways to quit smoking. And the way that you decide to quit smoking should be determined by where you are in the timeline of quitting. I mean, are you ready to quit now, today or are you just thinking about quitting sometime in the future, or are you not ready at all? Wherever you are there is a next step that is meant to bring you as quickly as possible to being a non smoker forever.

So here’s some advice for where you are right now:

NY Quit Smoking - Pick Your Quit Date

This is the burning question for New York Stop Smoking Hypnosis

If you are not ready to quit smoking, then you should continue to browse through this website and others like it. Get some ideas about the harm that cigarettes can do to the human body and what the downsides are to being a smoker. Maybe even read up on some case histories of smokers who decided to quit but quit too late, or came upon the desire to quit after it didn’t matter anymore. See if you can’t find some personal reasons why quitting for you would be a good choice.

If you’ll be ready to quit smoking soon, just don’t think you can wait forever.  Putting off your quit day is not a good strategy.  You know that when you tell yourself that you are going to do something tomorrow, or next week, or next month or sometime down the road, it never happens.  And here’s why…when you tell yourself you’re going to do something tomorrow, what happens when tomorrow comes?  You remember that you said you’d do it tomorrow and guess what, even though that was yesterday, there is still a tomorrow ready for you today.  When you give yourself a specific date as to when you are going to quit, then you are getting yourself ready.  And when that day comes, your mind has accepted your decision and it has had a finite time to get ready.  And it is ready as scheduled.
If you’re ready to quit right now, then that is great.  Prepare yourself for your quit day.  Tell people you know that you’re quitting cigarettes.  If they smoke ask them to not smoke around you, or to be supportive in any way they can.  And make sure that you are stopping smoking, and not just stopping buying cigarettes.  It’s not stopping if you continue to grub cigarettes from smokers around you.   You might line up some kind of support system.  Support is always helpful when making these kinds of changes.  My preferred method of quitting is using hypnosis.  I  have found hypnosis to be the easiest method to use to quit smoking forever.  And at New York Stop Smoking Hypnosis quitting smoking is the specialty.

If you already quit after smoking for awhile, then you can continue to read about all the reasons to stay quit.  There is absolutely no valid reason to go back to smoking.  Any reason you give yourself to start smoking again is just an hallucination.  And I’ve heard all the reasons out there.  One of the biggies is that people say it calms them down.  I can tell you that cigarettes never calmed anyone down.  That’s a big lie.  The main drug in tobacco is nicotine which is a stimulant.  So how in the world can a powerful drug that’s meant to speed you up calm you down?  It can’t it’s just a lie that you and others have been telling yourself so you can have a reason to smoke.  If you need to calm down find something that really does have a calming effect and do that.

If you quit before, but started smoking again then get your mind focused on all the reasons that you want to quit.  And I’m sure they are plentiful.  Make a nice long list and notice how you feel as you tick off each and every reason.  Then look for a way you can implement a new plan of action.  Most people who successfully quit smoking did it after they failed a number of times.  You could say that the failures were just learning experiences that prepared them for finally becoming determined to put cigarettes out of their life forever.

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    I actually enjoy smoking and don’t want to quit. Just hope we find a cure for cancer :)

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